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CarPro Blackout is an innovative Rubber Coating that will keep your tyres looking fantastic!

CarPro BlackOut utilizes polysiloxane technology merged with an acrylic resin to create an incredibly durable protective coating for rubber tyres. The coating is far more durable than traditional tyre dressings, while it's also 100% dry to the touch and with no sticky side effects of silicone based products. This unique formula also inhibits the deterioration of rubber and protects from UV rays.


Features & Benefits:

  • Self-cleaning, hydrophobic, salt & chemical resistance.
  • UV resistance.
  • Preserves black matte/satin appearance.



  • Wash tires thoroughly, something like Shine Supply Wise Guy is perfect.
  • Dry very well!
  • Pour a line of BlackOut on the tire applicator sponge.
  • Work in the coat over the tire walls surface. (Add product as needed)
  • Let the coating dry for a bare minimum of 30 minutes.
  • To apply a second layer, repeat the steps above.

CarPro Blackout

PriceFrom $92.95
GST Included
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