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DLUX is a semi-permanent wheel & plastic coating from CarPro, which helps repel brake dust, and other contaminants from adhering to the surface - making wheel care and maintenance effortless.

CarPro DLUX is a specifically formulated, high temperature resistant coating for both Wheels and Plastics. Coated surfaces become extremely resistant to both heat, and contaminants - rejecting the bond of materials such as brake dust, iron fall out etc.


CarPro DLUX makes maintenance effortless. It can withstand the use of any wheel cleaner, and by rejecting contaminants from adhering to the surface - wheel cleaning can be as simple as just hosing off the dirt/grime on your wheels!

CarPro DLUX also has application in protecting plastic and rubber trim, with a unique darkening effect and two year durability it is perfect for mitigating the need for plastic and trim restoration further down the line and makes these areas simple to clean and maintain.

DLUX may also be used on headlights and taillights to protect them from sandblasting and yellowing. It can also be placed on exhausts/tips to help protect them.



  • Temperature resistant (Over 400°C)
  • Repels contaminants from adhering to coated surfaces
  • Makes maintenance effortless
  • Protects surfaces from degradation over time



For best results, you need to ensure that the wheel has been completely decontaminated through the use of iron removers, and a clay bar & lubricant. It may be a good idea to try and remove the wheels, cleaning and coating the whole barrel instead of just the faces to ensure optimal results. The wheel must then be prepped with CarPro Eraser before coating.

  • Wrap the provided suede towel around the applicator block and pour 5-6 drops of DLUX onto it.

  • Apply the product in even layers in a criss cross pattern to the surface to be coated (plastic trim, headlight or alloy wheel) ensuring you use more DLUX as required to cover the surface area.

  • Let the product cure for 10min to 1min at 10 degrees and 30 degrees respectively and wipe off the residue using the provided suede MF. or another microfiber cloth


Size: 30ml Kit


Full Cure Notes:

  • To reach maximum performance coated surface must not see rain for 24 hours after application
  • If coated surface comes into contact with water during the first 24 hours it must be dried immediately
  • Do not drive the car for at least 6 hours after application
  • After 6 hours CarPro Reload can be applied to help protect the coating as it hardens and cures
  • If the car can be parked in direct sunlight after application this will aid in curing the coating and reaching maximum performance sooner

CarPro CQuartz dLUX 30ml Kit

GST Included
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