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CarPro Descale is a brand new acidic car shampoo that is designed to revive ceramic coatings that have built up mineral deposits, along with dirt & grime!

CarPro Descale is a new innovative product that has been engineered from the ground up focusing on revitalising ceramic coated vehicles that have a build up of minerals on the surface.

Overtime, minerals (which can create water-spots) build up on the surface of a car and/or ceramic coating. This creates physical contaminants that not only make the surface more rough and dull, but chemically reduce the surface tension of the coating which decreases the water behaviour of the coating. This causes dirt and grime to build up on the car easier, and reduce the gloss & aesthetics of the coating!

Although this product is fantastic for reviving ceramic coatings and/or strong ceramic style products (such as spray coatings and nano sealants) - it is not a correct product to be used for regular maintenance washes, or waxes and sealants.

Descale is a fantastic choice for perioidic maintenance of ceramic coatings such as Cquartz UK and SiC. It can also be used before a detailing job to help remove stubborns waxes/sealants as well as removing minerals, tough dirt & grime.



  • Removes built up minerals from coated/uncoated surfaces
  • Safe for use on coated and non-coated cars (however will strip/harm waxes and/or sealants)
  • Versatile cleaner that is capable of removing waxes, sealants, tough dirt & grime
  • Is fantastic at rejuvenating ceramic coatings



  • Dilute the product 1:100 for bucket washing, or 1:10 when used in a foam sprayer/spray bottle
  • For light contamination: Use Descale as a snow foam and allow for maximum dwell time (without letting it dry) before rinsing. Follow up with a hand wash.
  • For heavier contamination: Wash panel by panel starting with horizontal panels. Wash the panel and allow Descale to dwell for as long as possible without letting it dry.
  • Repeat if necessary.
  • Thoroughly rinse with water.



  • Test on an inconspicuous area before use.
  • Do not allow to dry on the surface.
  • Recommended eye and skin protection.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Store in a dry cool place.

CarPro Descale

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