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CarPro Reload Spray Sealant

  • Extreme Gloss
  • Immense water repellency
  • Self Cleaning effect repelling dirt and grime
  • Water-based formula mainly composed of special modified Sio2 (Quartz)
  • Fast and Easy, Apply wet or dry
  • Excellent for topping CQuartz
  • Excellent on rubber and plastic trim - Does not stain
  • Can also be used as a wheel coating


An easy to use, and durable spray coating that produces immense gloss, whilst protecting your vehicle for up to 6 months.

CarPro Reload is an incredibly easy to use product that incorporates glass coatings technology (SiO2 5%) into a spray sealant. It illustrates immense glass-like gloss through a simple spray on/wipe off application, and excellent hydrophobicity creating a self cleaning effect on the car repelling dirt and grime.

Formulated to complement the CQuartz coatings, as a standalone sealant, CarPro Reload can last up to 6 months. Reload’s easy to use waterborne formula can be applied to all vehicle surfaces, and even on damp surfaces, making it perfect for quickly topping up your vehicle’s protection and shine.

CarPro Reload 2.0 Spray Sealant

PriceFrom $15.50
GST Included
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