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A safe, and effective water spot & mineral remover in an easy spray & wipe formulation.


CarPro Spotless 2.0 uses an upgraded chemical formula with stronger acids to break down the mineral deposits on the surface before they can etch into the finish, thus negating the need for time consuming polishing, prolonging the life of the paint film. If left unattended, water spotting can cause permanent damage to the most resilient of vehicle surfaces, including automotive clearcoat, brightwork trim, and glass!

Even the best protective ceramic sealants are not fully impervious and can benefit from periodic chemical water-spot removal to keep them at the peak of their functional and aesthetic performance. Spotless’s proprietary blend of carefully balanced gentle acids safely removes heavy mineral deposits on most vehicle surfaces, and can even be used to help maintain our own CQuartz line of nanotechnology coatings.

If you are looking for a fast and efficient water-spot remover to dissolve unsightly bonded mineral contaminants from your car or motorcycle, CarPro Spotless 2.0 is the solution.

CarPro Spotless

PriceFrom $21.95
GST Included
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