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Gtechniq Ultimate Bike Care Kit


  • Everything you need to detail and protect your bike
  • Perfect gift for every cyclist


The kit offers all the products that you would need to clean, maintain and protect your bike
The Bike line of products are compatible with all bike paint finishes and paint protection films. These products have been designed to give superior cleaning when compared to the competition.

Kit Contains:-
1 x Bike Clean – 1 Litre
1 x Bike Clean Concentrate – 500ml
1 x Bike Wash – 250ml
1 x Drivetrain Degreaser – 500ml
1 x Bike Ceramic Quick Coat – 500ml
1 x Bike Ceramic – 15ml
1 x Bike Tri-Clean – 500ml
1 x Bike Microfibre Wash Mitt
1 x Bike Detailing Brush
1 x Bike Drying Towel
1 x Bike Microfibre

Gtechniq Ultimate Bike Care Kit

GST Included
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