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Large spray bottles that feature a 360˚ spray system, directional and adjustable nozzle tips, and high chemical resistance.

Kwazar have introduced a new, innovative line of sprayers that are taking over the detailing industry. These sprayers offer incredible quality, and are full of features that any enthusiast or detailer will love.

The Venus Super Pro+ 360 comes standard with directional and adjustable nozzle tips that also feature viton seals and a base rim for stability, protection and resistance. There is also a handy visible strip that allows you to check fluid levels.

The Venus 360 allows you to spray on any angle, up-right or upside down, which allows for great versatility, and ease of use throughout any detailing process.

Ph resistant between 6-8. Please check the chemical you're using before use as incorrect use is covered under warranty.

Be sure to use the Silicon Grease to lube up the O-rings, and other areas of the unit before use.

Please check the chemical Ph rating you're using before use as incorrect use isn't covered under warranty.

Kwazar Venus 360 SUPER Pro+ 2L

GST Included
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