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An innovative QD that rejuvenates gloss, water behaviour, and slickness whilst adding additional protection.

Nv Boost is a revolutionary quick detailer that rejuvenates the paintwork in levels of gloss, water behaviour, slickness, while adding additional protection. It is the perfect product to use in-between washes so your coated vehicle looks and performs its best all year round.

Two things make Boost completely unique, its ability to rejuvenate the coating underneath and its water spot resistance. Boost contains ingredients that fill in molecular coating imperfections that help improve the gloss, slickness and water beading of the surface. It doesn't create a layer over the top which completely changes the look, or the way the car beads, it tries to emulate the characteristics of your coating when it was first applied.

The layer also helps against water spotting, Boost will break down after a PH Neutral wash taking surface contamination off with it, reducing the chances that minerals will etch into the coated surface. Concours Nova Boost is the easiest of the spray coatings to apply, as it effortlessly flashes off with a couple of wipes making it extremely quick to apply.

125ml Bottle


GST Included
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