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A high quality, 9L pump-up sprayer that is chemically resistant and comes with a selection of nozzle tips.

Kwazar have introduced a new, innovative line of Sprayers that are taking over the detailing industry. The Kwazar Orion 9L Super Compression Sprayer is a new, innovative, portable sprayer that utilises a pump-action.

Kwazar Orion Sprayers feature elastic lances, handy funnel, safety valve, visible fluid strip, padded strap, base ring and the signature Orion click & remove for easy maintenance and/or replacement of the main pump O ring.

The Orion Sprayer is perfect for a variety of applications in washing & decontamination using a multitude of different products.

Be sure to get use the Silicon Grease to lube up the O-rings, and other areas of the unit before use.

For Ph 6-8 rated products only.


  • Elastic, fiberglass lance makes it resistant to damage
  • Handy funnel allows for easy pouring of liquids quickly and comfortably
  • Safety valve makes sure the pressure is always under control
  • Visible fluid strip makes it easy to keep an eye on fluid level
  • Padded strap allows you to work comfortably
  • Base ring provides stabilisation and protection against bottle damage

Please check the chemical Ph rating you're using before use as incorrect use isn't covered under warranty.

ORION SUPER Compression Sprayer 9L

GST Included
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