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ShineMate 7" Green Heavy Flat Foam Cutting Pad

Extremely dense open cell professional grade foam ideal for an extremely heavy cut without compromising the finish on medium to hard paint surfaces, the pad is rigid so aids in heat generation which utilizes quicker breakdown of hard ceramic clear coats.

Designed for both Rotary and Dual Action applications the Shine Mate flat pad series offer a unique convex pad shape that is ideal for use on big throw machines, especially in convex and concave areas of panel surfaces where a uniform cut is required, even where even pressure cannot be applied.

Extremely durable and easy to maintain, these pads are suited to a range of compound technologies such as SMAT, Nano or DAT.


Size: 7 Inch

Material: Foam

Strength: Heavy

Design: Flat

Colour: Green

Shine Mate 7" Green Heavy Flat Foam Cutting Pad

GST Included
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